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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Trivia Trivia Trivia Triviaaa

Fancy yourself as a bit of a football trivia buff? Well, Soccer AM/MW's Nobes does. Here's the full collection of posers he's set during the season.

Question 1
Can you identify Nobes' link? Solution

Question 2
Another link for you to try and identify. Solution

Question 3
Can you work out where Nobes is? Solution

Question 4
What do Nobes' teams have in common? Solution

Question 5
Nobes is on his travels again - but where is he this time? Solution

Question 6
Another football teaser to get you thinking. Solution

Question 7
Where's Nobes this week? Solution

Question 8
Three questions - one common theme. Solution

Question 9
A footballing rarity - but what's Nobes referring to? Solution

Question 10
Which clubs' Noughties managerial chains are being described? Solution

Christmas Trivia Quiz
Nobes is the question master as Lakes and Turls go head-to-head in a mammoth football trivia face-off. Can you beat their scores?

Question 11
Nobes in on his travels once more, where is he this time? Solution

Question 12
Find the connection - and the missing team. Solution

Question 13
Plenty of clubs but what links them all? Solution

Question 14
Can you work out which ground Nobes is at?

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