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Welcome to the irreverent world of Soccer AM/MW! 

Here you can find out all about the origins of the radio show, view our gallery of pictures and educate yourself about our sideways look on the beautfiul game. 

You can also read our editorials for an inside view of the running of the blog and gain an explanation behind the many popular culture references featured in the titles of articles.

The Radio Show 
Where it all began - the tale of how Soccer AM/MW hit the airwaves. 

The Soccer AM/MW Gallery 
The Soccer AM/MW gallery - not for the faint-hearted. 

The Soccer AM/MW Dictionary 
Don't know your Kettles from your Skyrockets? Educate yourself here. 

What's In A Title?
An explanation behind the titles used for pieces on Soccer AM/MW.

The view from inside Soccer AM/MW - your professionally unprofessional blog.