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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nobes' Trivia Question 7 solution

Nobes was on his travels, he's been around, a couple a weeks ago, but did you work out where he was from the clues as we played...


This ground I'm at is the sixth different ground the club who play here have resided at. It was the first all seater stadium built after the Taylor Report when it was opened in 1993.

It's been used in TV shows such as Primeval and The Bill, and has played host to the Women's FA Cup final in the past. The road that this ground is on also shares its name with the club's mascot.

Did you work it out. He was at Millwall's New Den.

The club moved to the ground after 83 years at their former Den ground. Prior to that they'd played at four different grounds on the Isle of Dogs since their formation.

The new stadium was indeed used for the 2006 Women's Cup final, it was won 5-0 by Arsenal against Leeds. And the name of the club's lion mascot, Zampa, is the same as Zampa Road, which the ground is located on.

Congratulations if you worked out the answer. Nobes will be back on his travels soon, and we'll another trivia question for you shortly.

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