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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Getting Excited

Day One of the Football League.

In any normal season, I would be excited by the year to come. What's not to love? Another exciting Football League campaign that will show the Premier League what real football is all about.

And then you've the intense battle for clubs to escape the Non-League pyramid and pass through the Golden Gates into League Two.

It's enough to make your mouth water — and that's before you have even mentioned that former Leicester City defender Matt Elliott is in charge of Oadby Town!

But for me, this year has been taken to a new level. For the first time since the disastrous David Platt era - great player, truly abysmal manager - Nottingham Forest have dug deep into their pockets and come up with a large amount of the cash for the controversial Billy Davies to spend.

Over £5 million has been spent this summer, with experienced players such as Dele Adebola coming in at the same time as the young and exuberant Chris Gunter and Paul Anderson.

This is the first time in a long time that I have been genuinely excited about the prospects of the season ahead. But it doesn't stop there for my excite-o-meter - not by a long shot.

Take Newcastle United. It is going to be nigh on impossible to go throughout the season without someone mentioning this hilarious club.

Now, I have had a soft spot for the Magpies ever since Kevin Keegan completely lost it when talking about Fergie. Then he further endeared himself to me when he was seen to be slumped over an advertising hoarding after losing in a dramatic game against Liverpool.

Finally, and this needs to be emphasised a little bit, the fact I love most about him is that beautiful haircut! It is truly delicious.

But on a more serious note, Newcastle are a big club. They may not be as big as some of their fans would like to think, but still. The Championship is such a tight league these days that it is going to very interesting to see how a club that appears to be in turmoil is going to cope.

It's a club full of players who want to leave the club because they would much rather travel to Munich than Scunthorpe.

I've predicted them to finish towards the top half of the table, but the thrill of the Championship is that anyone could legitimately finish anywhere.

I'm currently sitting in here in a puddle of something warm. I'm not sure I can get more excited.

I feel like I've just found my first ever porn mag and am amazed by the wonders that lay within its shiny cover. This season's centrefold is Burton Albion (right).

The Brewers are joining the Football League family for the first time in their history.

Now I know a lot of people would rather have kept Luton Town rather than allow these young upstarts who fell over the finishing line to secure promotion, but I for one am delighted that they have made the step up.

My only problem was that the man who had done a lot of the hard work to get them there wasn't the man who was in charge when they finally got promoted.

Nigel Clough spent ten years at Eton Park and the Pirelli Stadium. Only once did he fail to improve on the previous year. He also guided them to a profitable FA Cup clash with Manchester United.

All of this was done at his own pace, with the support of the chairman and fans, and it was a real shame that he left before he could say that he took Burton to the Football League.

Now the Brewers have a new manager at the helm. A very new and shiny manager. Paul Peschisolido is taking his first steps into football management after spending a zillion years as a player.

The Canadian has been around the block and seems to be genuinely excited about the season ahead. Is he ready? Are Burton ready?

I think that Burton are going to have long season ahead of them and will find the Football League a struggle. Will they get relegated? No.

They have turned professional for the new season for the first time in their history - expect the words first/debut to be used a lot in Burton articles - and have brought in some solid players.

I think that Pesch will be able to instil a solid team spirit that will help them stay up. That, and the fact I think that Grimsby, Torquay, and Barnet are all a bit rubbish.

So, as I go the bathroom to tidy myself up, I'll leave you to ponder and muse over what the season holds for us. Will it be a good year for your club? Probably not. Will it be exciting? Definitely. And that is a Soccer AM/MW guarantee.


Image - Yes, we had every reason to use it. If you'd just stopped staring, put it away, and continued reading, you'd have seen why.

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