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Friday, February 19, 2010

Nobes' Trivia Question 13 solution

A fortnight ago Nobes set you this football trivia poser to have a go at:

Find the link between:

Championship sides Scunthorpe and Sheffield United.

League One teams
Southend, Stockport, Walsall, Wycombe, and Yeovil.

And League Two clubs Burton, Macclesfield, Morecambe, and Northampton

Did you work out the answer? The solution was that all the sides mentioned take their nickname from an industry in the town or city they represent.

Scunthorpe has a large Iron industry and Sheffield is famous for its manufacturing of Steel implements like Blades.

Seaside town Southend's team are known as the Shrimpers - due to the local fishing trade.

Stockport, Walsall, and Yeovil are all named after products made in the respective towns - hats (Hatters), saddles (Saddlers) and gloves (Glovers).

And High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire is famous for its furniture, particularly chairs, which is why the town's club are known as the Chairboys.

Beer has been made in Burton-on-Trent for many years, hence Burton Albion's nickname of the Brewers.

The Silk industry was prevelant in the Cheshire town of Macclesfield, starting the nickname the Silkmen.

Morecambe are known as the Shrimps - because of their local fishing industry, and Northampton's nickname of the Cobblers comes from the town's many shoe-makers.

Well done if you got it right. Nobes will have another question for you soon.

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