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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Trivia Quiz

For a special Christmas treat, Lakes and Turls went head-to-head in a fiendishly difficult football trivia quiz set by Nobes.

On reflection, Nobes must have thought it was him taking the test, judging by how difficult some of the questions were. It's fair to say that both the lads lived down to their expectations though.

So over a 46 question marathon - one for every league game a season - Turls and Lakes battle it out for the Trivia Crown of Soccer AM/MW.

If you'd like to play along, then the answers have been 'whited out' and can be revealed by highlighting the text after 'Answer:'

To begin with, here are five questions about the name of sponsored grounds where certain teams play?

Who play at...

1. The Abbey Business Stadium?
Turls: Darlington. Lakes: Aldershot. Answer: Cheltenham

2. The EBB Stadium?
Turls: Hereford Lakes: Carlisle Answer: Aldershot

3. The Northern Echo Arena?
Turls: Accrington Lakes: Hartlepool Answer: Darlington

4. The Coral Windows Stadium?
Turls: Aldershot Lakes: Chesterfield Answer: Bradford

5. The Banks's Stadium?
Turls: Walsall Lakes: Accrington Answer: Walsall

Round One: Turls 1 Lakes 0

Next, can you tell us which Conference team are known as:

6. The Red Devils?
Turls: Grays Lakes: Rushden Answer: Crawley

7. The Lambs?
Turls: Tamworth Lakes: Salisbury Answer: Tamworth

8. The Stags?
Turls: Mansfield Lakes: Mansfield Answer: Mansfield

9. The Stutes?
Turls: Forest Green Lakes: Hayes & Yeading Answer: Histon

10. The Hatters
Turls: Luton Lakes: Luton Answer: Luton

Round Two: Turls 4 Lakes 2

Now, which club is managed by?

11. Andy Scott?
Turls: Bournemouth Lakes: Gillingham Answer: Brentford

12. Danny Wilson?
Turls: Swindon Lakes: Port Vale Answer: Swindon

13. Alan Knill?
Turls: Bury Lakes: Hereford Answer: Bury

14. Keith Alexander?
Turls: Lincoln Lakes: Wycombe Answer: Macclesfield

15. John Still?
Turls: Aldershot Lakes: Leyton Orient Answer: Dagenham & Redbridge

Round Three: Turls 6 Lakes 2

These five questions concern the 2008/9 season. [Apologies to anyone offended by answers to the final question as we confirmed our place amongst football's most un-PC sites]

16. Who was top scorer in the Championship last season?
Turls: Chopra Lakes: McFadden Answer: Ebanks-Blake

17. Who was top scorer in League One last season?
Turls: Lambert Lakes: McLean Answer: Lambert

18. Who was top scorer in League Two last season?
Turls: Shelvey Lakes: Cort Answer: Jackson

19. Which two relegated sides last season included players who were in the top-ten goalscorers in their division last season?
Turls: Southampton, Luton Lakes: Southampton, Luton Answer: Charlton, Ch

20. Who was the only non-British or Irish player in the top-10 Championship scorers last season?
Turls: Johnny Foreigner Lakes: Johnny Foreigner Answer: Jason Scotland

Round Four: Turls 7 Lakes 2

The latest five questions all concern the League Cup.

21. Oxford are one of two Conference sides to have won the League Cup, who are the other?
Turls: Cambridge Lakes: Luton Answer: Luton

22. Which side, currently in the Championship, were winners in 2004?
Turls: Leicester Lakes: Middlesbrough Answer: Middlesbrough

23. At which Championship ground did Leicester beat Boro in the 1997 League Cup final replay?
Turls: Hillsborough Lakes: Elland Road Answer: Hillsborough

24. Who were the last side from outside the top flight to make the Final?
Turls: Birmingham Lakes: Leeds Answer: Birmingham

25. Forest and Leicester are two of three sides outside the Premier League to have won the competition more than once. Who are the third?
Turls: Huddersfield Lakes: Sheffield United Answer: Norwich

Round Five: Turls 9 Lakes 4

Now, five of the best about the FA Cup.

26. Notts County are one of three League Two sides to have won the FA Cup. Name one of the others.
Turls: Bury Lakes: Hereford Answer: Bury, Bradford

27. Newcastle have won the FA Cup six times, which Championship side has won it the most next?
Turls: Sheffield Wednesday Lakes: Sheffield Wednesday Answer: West Brom

28. Which Championship side have appeared in four FA Cup finals without winning any of them?
Turls: Leicester Lakes: Coventry Answer: Leicester

29. Blackpool are one of three Championship sides to have won the FA Cup but never played in the Premier League. Name one of the others.
Turls: Scunthorpe Lakes: Preston Answer: Cardiff, Preston

30. Bury hold the record for the biggest FA Cup final win - a 6-0 victory over which current Championship side?
Turls: Sheffield United Lakes: Sheffield United Answer: Derby

Round Six: Turls 11 Lakes 5

The following six questions are all about the end of season play-offs.

31. Who are the only side to lose in the play-offs in five successive seasons?
Turls: Lincoln Lakes: Lincoln Answer: Lincoln

32. Which side have been in the Championship play-offs a record seven times?
Turls: Sheffield United Lakes: Sheffield United Answer: Ipswich

33. Who have appeared in three Championship play-off finals, losing all of them without scoring?
Turls: Sheffield United Lakes: Derby Answer: Sheffield United

34. Bolton are one of three sides to win the Championship play-off final at both Wembley and the Millennium Stadium. Name one of the others.
Turls: Huddersfield Lakes: Crystal Palace Answer: Crystal Palace, Watford

35. Who, in 2007, became the first side to win play-off finals at both the old and new Wembley?
Turls: Doncaster Lakes: Derby Answer: Blackpool

36. Which side won the first ever Conference play-off final?
Turls: Torquay Lakes: Peterborough Answer: Doncaster

Round Seven: Turls 13 Lakes 7

Now, for Turls, five questions about Nottingham Forest over the past 18 months or so.

37. Forest are unbeaten away this season, who did they lose to last time they were beaten on the road?
Turls: Birmingham Answer: Burnley

38. Who were the only side Forest did the double over last season?
Turls: Norwich Answer: Southampton

39. At which ground did Forest record their first away win this season?
Turls: Home Park Answer: Home Park

40. Six of Forest's seven away draws [at the time] have ended 1-1, who was their only 0-0 draw against?
Turls: Sheffield United Answer: Reading [Ironically, Forest did draw 0-0 at Sheffield United after this quiz took place.]

41. Who are the only side to beat Forest by more than one goal this season?
Turls: Watford Answer: Watford

Now, for Lakes, five questions about Preston over the last 18 months.

37. Which team ended PNE's 'Tuesday night light's' record last season?
Lakes: Reading Answer: Swansea

38. Swansea were one of only two sides to do the double over Preston last season. Who were the other?
Lakes: Bristol City Answer: Southampton

39. Who ended Preston's unbeaten record this season?
Lakes: Middlesbrough Answer: Scunthorpe

40. PNE have scored three goals on two occasions this season, once against Coventry in a 3-2 in, the other time in a 3-0 victory over which side?
Lakes: Doncaster Answer: Barnsley

41. Callum Davidson is the only man to be sent off for PNE this season, at which ground?
Lakes: Deepdale Answer: Portman Road

Round Eight: Turls 15 Lakes 7

To finish, five devious odd-one-out questions concerning last season. So, for one point who is the odd one out, and for a bonus two, why?

42. Crystal Palace - Luton - Rotherham - Bournemouth - Stockport
Turls: Palace - the only side not to be deducted points last season.
Lakes: Luton - something to do with their away record?
Luton - the only side to be deducted points last season and relegated.

43. Sheffield United - Burnley - Scunthorpe - Millwall - Gillingham
Turls: Millwall - only side not to make the play-offs last season.
Lakes: Sheffield United - only side not to be promoted last season.
Scunthorpe the only side to make the play-off final without winning a game.

44. Doncaster - Watford - Derby - Nottingham Forest - Norwich
Turls: Doncaster - only side not to change manager last season.
Lakes: Watford - no idea why.
Doncaster - only side not to change manager last season.

45. Leicester - Birmingham - Cambridge - Brentford - Burton
Turls: Leicester
Birmingham - no idea why.
Burton - all the others were the hardest side to beat in their division.

Glenn Roeder - John Ward - Paul Jewell - Geraint Williams - Gary McAllister
Turls: Jewell - only one to be sacked.
Lakes: McAllister - no idea why.
Answer: Williams - only one to be fired and re-hired during season.

Round Nine: Turls:18 Lakes 8

So, in the end, a resounding victory for Turls who blasted Lakes out of the water. Particular highlights included Turls managing to actually crack one of the odd-one-out posers, and Lakes scoring nothing on Preston questions.

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