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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prediction League - Week Three continued

As we speak, the lads are currently undergoing drug tests (not the first time, for one of them) to determine just whether or not their current good form in the prediction league is entirely legal.

Another stonking weekend of predictions saw both Lakes and Turls pick up four points, both predicting Preston's 2-0 win over Peterborough and then picking up a single point for predicting the correct result at York Street and Loftus Road, respectively.

However, it was league leader Nobes who extended his advantage at the top with a five point haul, correctly predicting Forest's 1-1 draw at QPR and getting the results for PNE and the Skyrockets right too.

Onto the action this midweek, and two League Cup games and one league game on the menu.

Nottingham Forest vs. Middlesbrough

Lakes: Forest 1-3 Middlesbrough
Nobes: Forest 1-2 Middlesbrough
Turls: Forest 0-2 Middlesbrough

Preston North End vs. Leicester City

Lakes: PNE 2-1 Leicester City
Nobes: PNE 1-1 Leicester City (PNE win on penalties)
Turls: PNE 1-1 Leicester City (PNE win on penalties)

Frickley Athletic vs. Boston United

Lakes: Frickley Athletic 1-2 BUFC
Nobes: Frickley Athletic 1-3 BUFC
Turls: Frickley Athletic 1-3 BUFC

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