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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Greatest Board in the Whole Wide World

Here it is, for your delectation and delight, an exclusive peek at the first entry from The Diary of the Greatest Board in the Whole Wide World, aka the Conference.

"I'm a little bit excited today. All of my buddies are coming round for a couple of cocktails. I also think me and some of the lads might play a bit of Pro Evo. I'm going to make sure I'm Liverpool because I love Fernando Torres. I wish Torres was in the Blue Square Premier!

"I'm trying to enforce a law where every Number 9 in the BSP has to grow their hair and wear a headband. It has to be better than this stupid 39th game idea that is being bandied around in the Premier League. Who knows, this revolution might finally get me noticed by Lordy T..... or maybe even Papa Blatter!

"Why can't someone like Chester City sign Torres. Bastards. I suggested that we impose another 25 point penality on them because of their refusal to play sexy football and sign sexy players, but everyone else thought it was a little harsh.

"On the upside, we put the names of all the clubs in the BSP in a hat and chose one of them to be our bitch for the 2009/10 season. I liked it so much that I had to go to the toilet for a bit.

"When everyone had gone home, I thought about how hard it is to be in charge of a football league and felt that I was one of the most under appreciated people in the country. No-one seems to realise how difficult it is to come up with ridiculous penalties and it's even harder to make sure they are properly enforced.

"When I was tidying up, I noticed that I had ran out of tonic water... decided to blame Chester City."

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