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Friday, December 04, 2009

Nobes' Trivia Question 8 - solution

Two weeks ago, Nobes set you these posers, all linked by a common theme to the answers.

Southampton have one to Huddersfield's two. Morecambe's pair are the same whereas Barnet's are different. What?

What do Morecambe, Bristol City, and Grimsby each have one of, but none of them alike?

And what links Doncaster, Southend, Brentford, and Charlton?

Did you get the answer? The common theme relating all the answers was club badges.

Southampton have a single rose on their club badge, and Huddersfield have two. Morecambe have a pair of red roses on their emblem, and Barnet have one red and one white.

Morecambe also have, like Bristol City and Grimsby, a boat on their club badge, but all of these boats look different.

And finally a sword is the item which appears, at least once, on the badges of Doncaster, Southend, Brentford, and Charlton.

It also appears twice on the logo of Sheffield United, but seeing as they're nicknamed the Blades, that would have been too easy!

Congratulations if you worked it out, and they'll be another trivia question for you shortly.

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