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Friday, August 07, 2009

Season preview: Lakes

In the first of three interviews with the Soccer AM/MW crew, Lakes tells us about his hopes and thoughts ahead of the 2009/10 campaign. Find out about his respect for Nottingham Forest, why he won't be going to stadium:mk any time soon, and which club is going to go bust (no prizes for guessing who.)

What are your hopes for Preston for the season?
I'd like to say we're in a position now where we can really push on. For the first time EVER, Derek Shaw (our chairman, left) has said we're not a small club and we pay reasonably well for the division (only eight or ten teams pay more.) That marks a massive shift from when we were paying some of the lowest wages in the league.

In terms of where I think we'll end up? That depends entirely on whether our small squad stays clear of injury and suspension. I think we've built a strong, competitive core and the signing of players like Shumi-wotsit and Parry will take us that little bit closer to consolidating our top-six competitiveness. I'll settle for 10th and above.

What are your hopes in general for the football season?
I'd like to see a really strong Championship again. Some big names in English football are mingling in the division and I hope it will not disappoint. There's always the danger that big names fizzle out and the football becomes stale as teams try to adapt, but usually the Championship provides a thrilling mix of the established sides, the underdogs, and the outright unexpected bidding for promotion.

Which one (or more) side(s) do you hope does well this season and why?
Nottingham Forest. I'm an admirer of the club, the team and I think they deserve to be competitive again. There are some sides in the English game who you feel are part of the fabric, woven into the history of the game, and Forest are one of those teams. To see them strengthen like they have this season makes me a little scared, a little jealous and a little excited to see what they can do. As long as they give Billy Davies two seasons with this squad he'll take them up.

Which one (or more) side(s) do you hope struggle this season and why?
MK Dons. Total bunch of horrible franchise sweaty, smeared anal cocks.

What are you most looking forward to this season?
The end of season mixer. There's not a lot that can compare in terms of emotion when your side is playing for something - and if your side isn't playing for something (which is rare given how tight the divisions are,) there are so many other teams you feel something for (whether it's hatred or admiration,) you can't help but get drawn in.

Finally, any other predictions for the season?

Boston to go bankrupt, Fergie to announce his retirement and name his successor as David Moyes, and Matt Turland to crack one off sneakily in Row Z at Elland Road.

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