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Friday, August 07, 2009

Season preview: Nobes

Last, and probably least, it's Nobes' turn to give his views ahead of the new campaign. Here, he reveals why Boston fans shouldn't be invading the pitch, his high hopes for the BBC's Football League coverage, and why he hopes Burnley stay up.

What are your hopes for Boston for the season?

For a much improved season on last year! Having been demoted last summer, we were expected to challenge for promotion. We ended up just surviving relegation - although some fans still thought a pitch invasion was called for to 'celebrate' this 'achievement.'

It'd just be nice to have a season where we win more games than we lose and at least appear to heading in the right direction after years of regress. I like what I have seen and heard from our new management team, so I'm optimistic we can at least achieve a top half finish.

What are your hopes in general for the football season?

I'd like to see more honesty from players. Not just in the form of cutting out diving, but also when appealing for every decision, even when it's clearly not their corner or throw-in. It's cheating.

I'd also hope we see fewer managers losing their jobs. It's about time we began to look at who gives these managers the jobs in the first place. If they're not good enough for it, then why were they hired?

Which one (or more) side(s) do you hope does well this season and why?

Well, being the philanphropist of the team, I would like to see my pals' teams do well - so a good season for Forest and particularly Preston, who I do have a soft spot for. Promotion for both clubs would be great, top half finishes more realistic.

I'd also like to see Burnley avoid relegation from the Premier League. Owen Coyle (right) has them playing football in the right way, and their fans are tremendous. It will be good for English football to have a club like the Clarets mixing it with the big-boys.

Which one (or more) side(s) do you hope struggle this season and why?

Time to spoil the philanphropist image. I don't like the way Histon play their football. They came dangerously close to promotion to the Football League last season, and I don't want such a close call this time.

I'd also like to think all the sides currently spending well beyond their means in order to achieve a league status they can't properly sustain will also struggle. Mentioning no names.... Peterborough, Gateshead, Eastwood.

What are you most looking forward to?

The Football League is looking stronger than ever this season with the likes of Newcastle and Middlesbrough competing in the Championship, and League One including Norwich, Charlton, Leeds, and Southampton.

The perfect time therefore for the BBC to have taken over the rights for covering the matches. I'm really excited about the extended coverage they are planning on giving the Football League - it's long overdue.

Any other predictions for the season?

Sven will be managing Notts County before the season's out, Burnley will indeed stay up, Oxford will set a new Conference attendance record on their way to the title, and Soccer AM/MW will become an internet sensation, of course.

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