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Friday, December 18, 2009

Nobes' Trivia Question 9 - solution

A couple of weeks back, Nobes tested you with this trivia poser:

Brighton are the only side to do this is in Championship history, and Brentford are the only team to do the same in League One.

Yet no side has done this in League Two history. What?

Did you work it out? The answer was make the end of season play-offs despite having a negative goal difference.

Brighton finished 6th in the Championship in the 1990/91 season despite having a -6 goal difference. And Brentford repeated the trick in 2005 when they made the League One play-offs despite having a goal difference of -3.

The closest any side came to doing the same in League Two was Bury who, in the 2002/3 season, finished in the play-offs just a goal difference of just +1.

Congratulations if you got the right answer. Nobes will have another poser for you soon.

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