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Friday, August 07, 2009

Season preview: Turls

Next in the hotseat to give us his views ahead of the new seasons is Turls. Find out about his hopes for his local clubs, how the economic climate could actually help managers, and why he won't be sending Neil Warnock a Christmas card this year.

What are your hopes for Forest for the season?

Given the amount of money that has been spent this summer, a lot of Forest fans are talking up our chances of promotion. As much as I would love for that to happen, I can't see it myself. I think we will be safely around mid-table but the optimist in me reckons we can have a brief flirtation with the playoffs before fading away.

What are your hopes in general for the football season?

I've given up dreaming of a better game. Diving is part and parcel of football and it wouldn't surprise me if teams were specifically training themselves in the art of simulation. The same applies to respecting the match officials. My main hope is that the FA start seeing common sense when applying penalties to clubs. Chester City are the latest to be hit with a massive penalty. The FA should be stepping in before the s*** hits the fan.

Which one (or more) side(s) do you hope does well this season and why?

There are quite a lot of clubs I'd like to see do well. I would like to see Burton have a good season because having been to see them a few times over the years, it would be nice for them to hold their own in the Football League. I would also like to see Coalville Town finally be able to last the distance in the league and maybe push for promotion. As well as them, it is always nice to see my former hometown club Hinckley United do well.

Which one (or more) side(s) do you hope struggle this season and why?

I have a deep loathing for everything associated for Neil Warnock (right) and for that reason I would love to see Crystal Palace struggle. Outside of the Football League, I'd enjoy it if the FC United of Manchester bubble finally burst. The whole story of this club sickens me. Former "Manchester United" fans forming there own club because they became disillusioned with how United were being ran. What they should have done is gone to support their hometown clubs such as Stockport and Bury. Idiots.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Same thing that I look forward to every year.... Boxing Day bonanza back in the sunny climes of Leicestershire. Every year we take in a game on Boxing Day and nine times out of ten, the game is a local derby: Quorn v Loughborough; Shepshed v Gresley... some cracking games on Boxing Day. Aside from that, the playoffs are always a treat and the first round proper of the FA Cup.

Any other predictions for the season?

With the current economic climate, it seems inevitable that more and more clubs will be going into administration and folding. It's a real shame that the game has come to this but what can you do. In terms of the playing side of it, I predict there will be less sackings in the league this year because of the economy.

Unless a club is in serious trouble and the manager looks completely bereft of ideas, I think clubs will be more reluctant to sack their manager and pay off the rest of their contract. I think it is about time that the trigger happy chairman left football for good.

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