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Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Soccer AM/MW Vote

As the General Election takes place, here at Soccer AM/MW we thought we'd have a big vote of our own.

However, instead of electing a government to sort out the crippling mess that the country's in, we decided to focus on a much more important topic. Namely - just which is the best division in the Football League?

Today, Lakes, Turls, and Nobes will all be making their case as to why they think their adopted division is the best in the League.

Lakes will arguing for the Championship, Turls in favour of League One, and Nobes making the case for League Two.

All three statements in favour will be readily available on the right hand side of the page throughout the week, along with the poll where you can vote for which division you think is the best.

The poll closes at 22:00 on Thursday.

Lakes' argument for the Championship

Turls' argument for League One

Nobes' argument for League Two

And here's the details of the results.

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