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Monday, May 17, 2010

Editorial 8

Hello to one and all.

It's hard to believe that we've nearly reached the end of what's been a great season here at Soccer AM/MW.

When, 12 months ago, we discussed the possibility of bringing our ill-informed opinions and moderately funny sense of humour back to the public domain, it was only a rough idea.

However, as the season has progressed, I like to think we have begun to offer a great hub of footballing debate and conversation - with an ever-increasing readership.

This month, that's included our first ever live text commentary on a match, plenty of play-off coverage, and hearing from you fans again.

Also, in the spirit of British democracy, we conducted our own poll to determine which is the country's favourite division - which was a resounding success.

We're not one to rest on our laurels at Soccer AM/MW towers though, so rest assured we will be working with unflagging zeal to continue to cover the lower divisions in our unique fashion.

Plans are already in progress ahead of next season - including adopting a club whose fortunes we will follow throughout the campaign. More on that in the future.

We're also looking at new features to introduce, and ways of revamping current ones. Regrettably, that also means some features will cease to exist - but that's all part of our never-ending evolution and desire to improve.

Have no fear though, some old favourites will still be around. The main benefit of seeing Forest fail in their bid for promotion was that the Prediction League will still include all three of our teams.

Of course, I will now be defending champion after managing to open up a healthy lead and hold onto top spot in the final few weeks. It was a tough battle - and here you can read the story of the Prediction League season.

There was double cause for celebration with my beloved Skyrockets clinching play-off victory to earn promotion to the Conference North - which was our featured division this term.

May I take this opportunity to express a public congratulations to all at The Clouds for many happy weekends this season.

To cap it all off - the football is never ending this year with a World Cup in South Africa to look forward to next month.

We'll be doing our own part to cover the tournament from a Football League perspective too - so don't think you'll be able to escape from us in June.

Then again, after the past year, why ever would you want to?

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