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Friday, May 07, 2010

The Soccer AM/MW Vote: Result

There may have been no outright winner at Westminster, but there was a clear victor in the great Soccer AM/MW Poll. With 46% of the vote, the Championship was named the best division in the Football League.

The results:

Championship - 46%
League One - 30%
League Two - 23%

Reacting to his win, Lakes, who championed the division said:

"True football fans can, today, stand united.

"We've come through a lot, you and I, but we made it. The Championship has been recognised. Thank you. The Championship has been recognised as the greatest league, and quite rightly so.

"Never before has one league done so much for so many. Never before have the blood, sweat, and tears of a generation counted for more. Never before has Britain, England, been so great.

"So join me. Join me in a new dawn, a new era for Britain. And thank you all."

Conceding defeat for his League One campaign, Turls was in a reflective mood:

"Today we have witnessed a remarkable event. I would have been proud to have stood here in victory. I would have loved to have told you that, today, the better division won.

"However, I won't be proud because I have won. No. Instead, I stand here today as a proud football fan who has gone toe to toe with the greatest this world has to offer.

"I stand here today with a dream in my mind and a smile in my heart because we have stood up for what we believe in.

"We may not have won. We may not have gained the praise that our division deserves. But we fought with dignity and pride. We came up against the best and got beaten.

"I'm not ashamed of that. Why would I be? We gave it one hell of a go and for that, I'm happy.

"It's better to give it your all and be beaten by a better man than to win in an uneven contest. I can say the better division won and the next time, the better team will win again. The only difference is that the better team will be us."

Nobes was sombre after his League Two bid finished last.

"We always faced an uphill battle, but it was a battle we were brave enough to take up in the first place.

"I believe I made a compelling argument, but it was obviously one that didn't resonate with the voters.

"However, this campaign has given us the oxygen that League Two is so often deprived of. I'm sure if we had a different voting system too that I would have done better.

"After all, isn't that the person who finishes third is supposed to say?"

All voters were thanked for their participation in an election where everybody who could be bothered to, did indeed register their vote.

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