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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soft Spots

They say that, in football, you pick a team and stick with it through thick and thin, or thin and thinner, in most cases.

However, as well as having a main team, most football fans tend to have a 'soft spot' or two for other sides. Teams whose results they will look out for and, unless they're playing their club, will hope they do well.

These 'soft spots' could have developed for the strangest and smallest reasons, but nevertheless, they exist. Here, the Soccer AM/MW lads discuss their football soft spots.


Macclesfield Town

Not a lot of reasoning behind my liking of the Silkmen. However, when they got promoted to the Football League back in the 1996/7 season I was there to see their promotion sealing victory.

I can't remember who they played or what the score was but Macc romped home comfortably and the stadium was in party mood from start to finish. A streaker took to the pitch in the second half and this just added to the memory.


What's not to love about Rochdale? The Spotland club are utterly adorable - sorry for the patronising tone but they are. Having sat in the basement division for nearly 1000 years, everyone who has a soul has to have a soft spot for Dale.

I have no reason to like the, but I find myself heartily encouraging them to win promotion. I was heartbroken when they lost in the play-offs. This year is the year - trust me.

Lincoln City

Ah, the Imperial Imps. I am always impressed when I see Lincoln impose themselves on a team of impudent rascals. I love the Imps because of one event.

The Soccer AM/MW team decided to watch every play-off game during our second year at uni. When Lincoln were in action we found ourselves in The Ship in Preston - once rumoured to be a location in the filming of the next James Bond movie.

Lakes and I instantly started to support Lincoln just to wind up Skyrocket Nobes. It was a great day full of drinking, terrible Imp puns, using the word 'Imp' at every opportunity, and a smoking hot Lincoln fan sat behind us. Juice?


Carlisle United

The ultimate experts in brinkmanship. The Cumbrians must be one of the most exciting teams to watch in the league - always being involved in promotion fights or relegation battles - and they always have to do things the hard way.

It's drama all the way with Carlisle and the Jimmy Glass tale is the stuff of football legend. Plus, I love trips to Brunton Park, it's a great old stadium with real character, and it sells great pies too.

Norwich City

Norwich is a bit of a default and uninspiring choice. I've got strong family links to East Anglia and they're Canaries fans, so I like to see City doing well.

Norfolk is a much maligned place, but it's a lovely county and it's great when such a rural area has a top flight club mixing it with the big boys. Norwich also have such a distinctive kit and a tradition of playing attractive football too.

Preston North End

This is an obvious choice. I think part of having a soft spot is being able to identify with a club. I lived in Preston for three years, it's a city I love, the people are great, and North End are a club with rich history.

I love Deepdale as a ground, I admire how they constantly overachieve, and Billy Davies used to manage him and he's awesome. To be honest, I have a soft spot for most of the Lancashire clubs, but Preston more than any.


Nottingham Forest

I don't know why but I've always admired the Tricky Trees. They're a good, old club. They play in that lovely, bold red and have a great tradition without ever being arrogant about it.

Plus, they were the home of the mighty Brian Clough, who I respect more than almost anyone in football.


The Royals are a new favourite since I moved down south and become a posh git.

I particularly like the fact that they are sponsored by Waitrose, which reminds me of nibbling on crudités and kicking back with a bucket of oysters.

I'd imagine a day in the directors' boxes at Reading involve being fed fresh fish and having your balls tickled by concubines.


My old home town of sorts - I lived on the border between Morecambe and Lancaster for a good few years.

I always look out for their results and I'm glad they're doing alright for themselves in the Football League.

And tomorrow the lads talk about the clubs they have a bit of a dislike for in a feature we're unimaginatively calling 'Hard Spots.'

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