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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kettles facing the final whistle?

Kettering owner Imraan Ladak has stepped down as club chairman

It appears that Kettering Town are in some trouble. Imraan Ladak has stepped down as chairman of the club and plans for a new stadium have been shot down.

With the current lease on Rockingham Road ending in a few years, the Kettles may find themselves homeless.

As this is serious bother, I'm going to take the high road and avoid using any Kettle related puns in this article.

So lets take a look at why the Kettles are in hot water (couldn't resist.)

Ladak was the chairman of the club and had grand plans for the Northamptonshire club but problems with Kettering Council and a new stadium have forced the owner to take a step back from the day-to-day running of the club.

Ladak, who made his money through recruitment services, had already been banned by the FA from having any football involvement following his failure to pay a fine and this appears to be another bullet wound to the Top Kettle.

With the club's wages set to be reduced, fans have been worrying about the future of their club and, despite the directors insisting that the club is in safe hands, the fans have every reason to worry.

With no plans for a stadium and not long left on the lease to Rockingham Road, the club is set to be homeless and that presents an obvious problem.

So what's happening? Not a lot at the moment. Fans are panicking, directors are calming, and Ladak is smarting.

The next few months could be huge for the future of the Northants outfit and here at
Soccer AM/MW, we hope the club keeps its head above water and manages to keep on playing football.

This doesn't just apply to Kettering - it applies to every club. Stay Strong and Play Fair.


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