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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hard Spots

Following on from yesterday's discussion of teams the lads have soft spots for, they now discuss the sides they have a bit of a dislike for.

Again, these could be for historical reasons, for incidents involving their team or just for some bizarre reason smacking of bitterness and jealousy.

Whatever it is, there are clubs that, even when your own team lose, seeing they have lost just makes you a little bit happier.


Torquay United

I honestly don't know why I don't like them, but every time I see that Torquay have lost - and it seems to be more common these days - I find myself internally celebrating.

I have absolutely no reason to reason to hate them - I have never been to Plainmoor, never seen them play away from home and never seen them on TV.

Whenever I meet a Gull, which is very rare, I instantly deem you to be a pillock. I apologise to all Torquay fans because I'm sure you're all a pleasant bunch of faithful fans - but I loathe your club.

Wycombe Wanderers

I despise the Chairboys. I think hatred started when Roy Essandoh scored to knock Leicester out of the FA Cup many moons ago. I hated the coverage his seemingly unique 'Teletext transfer' got - although I do love Teletext RIP.

My hatred evolved thanks to a certain University student, I won't name him, but every time I see Wycombe I think of Ian Murray Baker's smug, ridiculous face and I pray for a Chairboy defeat.

Sheffield United

This hatred is pretty justified. The club that will always be associated with Neil Warnock, in my eyes anyway, and is a club that I will hate until my dying days.

The real hatred started after Forest had been dumped out of the Championship play-offs by the Blades and it has escalated from then. Warnock always had a comment to make about Forest and he is an idiot.

Add in the fact that Chris Morgan plays for them - the man who nearly killed Iain Hume - and you've got a reciple for hatred.


Peterborough United

How is it possible not to dislike a jumped up club from a small Fenland city who only achieved their place in the Championship by spending gazillions of pounds?

Throw in the fact that it was done under the management of Darren Ferguson - the son of the biggest fool - yes even moreso than the man Warnock - to ever grace the beautiful game, and there's no excuse to like Posh.

I don't like sugar-daddied clubs as a rule, but Peterborough always will be a small League One outfit and the sooner they return there the better.


Similarly to Turls and Torquay, I don't really have anything against Gillingham, but I just don't like them. They don't do anything for me.

I think part of it is down to that stupid temporary stand behind one goal - it looks silly and I don't like it. They're a non-descript club from the South East, I've never been to Kent, and have no desire to either. The chairman, Paul Scally, comes across as a bit of a fool too.

Having said that though, I'll be eternally grateful for their collapse in that classic play-off final against Manchester City which was one of the most exciting finishes to a football match I've ever listened to.

Accrington Stanley

Sorry, I know everyone loves them, but I don't buy into the whole love-in.

Don't get me wrong, I was delighted they staved off going out of business but it was strange they managed to do it without selling any players or letting some go and they're not challenging for the play-offs.

There's also a personal reason - the season we were relegated they played an ineligible player and were deducted no points. Things might have worked out differently.

Then one of their fans wrote a piece in a local paper relishing in our demise, despite the fact it was threatening my club's existence. He should have known better.

Add in their loudmouth manager, tinpot ground without a roof on the away end, and, despite being in the county of pies, not providing a vegetarian pie option - well, I'm allowed to not like them.


Leeds United

I hate Leeds. I see them as the Manchester United of the lower leagues.

They don't deserve to come back to the upper echelons of the Football League after their shady cash-splashing. Not to mention that they've always been a dirty side.
Dirty Leeds.


I hate the Tangerines — need I say more?

That bunch of ballsacks down the M55 don't even deserve a reason - except for the fact that they're a bunch of spazzy donkeys.

Blackburn Rovers

I know these aren't a Football League club but hopefully they will be soon.

I hate Rovers partly for the same reason as I hate Leeds and partly due to the local rivalry.

Jack Walker took thousands of fans away from Preston in the form of glory-hunters and I hate them for that.

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