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Saturday, January 02, 2010

If Turls was in charge of FIFA...

It's Turls's turn to tell us what he would do if given the opportunity of making the rules of the beautiful game.

If I were in charge of FIFA...

Firstly, I'd make UEFA my bitch and scrap the UEFA Champions League. Bring back the European Cup. Now I know that I'm probably a little too young to fully appreciate the joys of the European Cup but it sounds like a fantastic time.

The days when you had to actually win your league to grace the top table of footballing competition. I don't want to dwell on it too much - but the Champions League is a sham. A SHAM I TELL YOU!

It's easy to jump on board the goal line technology idea but, to me, it seems a bit crap. Why have all that technology just to see if a ball has crossed the line. If you're going to bring in TV replays and stuff then I'd like to see a system similar to that of NFL.

You get three challenges and it is up to the captain or manager to make the decision. It can be used for dubious goals, penalties, and sending offs - to see if the offender made contact with the ball first.

Personally, I like that there are mistakes made by referees. It gives us fans something to discuss in the pub afterwards.

Without talking points, MoTD and the Football League Show would be pointless and would just show goals goals and more goals. No discussion, no debate, no fun.

Finally, if I were in charge of FIFA, I would make Neil Warnock, Sam Allardyce, and Harry Redknapp an offence. I would punish them for being obnoxious, odious individuals who don't have an ounce of decency between them.

Tomorrow, what would Lakes do if he was in charge of FIFA?

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