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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fergie For... Barnet

In the first of a new series, we begin our campaign to get notorious former Preston boss Darren Ferguson back into management.

OK, so he ruined Preston - who we kinda like here at Soccer AM/MW.

True, in less than a year he turned a solid Championship club into one destined to spend years outside the top two tiers.

And yes, he gets his daddy to get revenge on his employers if they do him wrong.

However, football needs characters - particularly laughable ones who can keep us amused with their incompetence week after week.

Which is why, here at your favourite ill-informed blog, we want to see Deadly Darren Ferguson back into management.

Wherever there's a vacancy - or a ray of light, as well prefer to call it - we will be there to champion the cause of the man simply known as DF - and you can check out our Dictionary as to what that means.

We begin today with a plea to League Two strugglers Barnet FC:

To whom it may concern,

We saw with interest of the dismissal of Mark Stimson from Barnet FC and, here at Soccer AM/MW Towers, we feel obliged to offer you advice on the best candidate to fill the current vacancy at Underhill.

Look no further than Darren Ferguson.

It's clear from your record this season that Barnet are a team who, despite possessing some good footballers, are unable to play collectively as a team and the term 'clean sheet' is an alien one to them.

Nobody knows more about such sides than Darren.

With your limited budget, too, a manager who can operate in the loan market would be invaluable to the Bees, and Darren brings with him the promise of players from Manchester United's youth team for however long he's employed at your club.

Experience of relegation battles must be paramount, given your precarious position, and our man knows all about them. In fact, he's never lost one, well, he's certainly never been allowed to lose one.

He's also got prior League Two experience and is currently seeking employment - so no compensation would be required to secure his services.

It seems plain as day to us that your only hope of survival rests on the shoulders of one man. The only man for the job. Fergie For Barnet.

Yours Faithfully,

Soccer AM/MW

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