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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fergie For... Peterborough United?

Last week, we launched our campaign to see Darren Ferguson return to Football League management.

Despite being the man largely responsible for the mess Preston North End find themselves in we thought, for the good of humour, he was needed back as soon as possible.

We began petitioning clubs, Barnet and Charlton to be specific, to employ Deadly Darren and give him another opportunity to perform his trick of the disappearing defence.

When we saw that Dazza's former side, Peterborough, had decided to give him his old job back though, we were stunned.

Not only were they not a club we'd contacted, but, despite knowing what he can do, they've still opted for another spin with Fergie.

Needless to say, we're still recovering from the shock - not least because, from the figures we've received, Fergie For... was fast becoming our most popular feature ever.

Now it has been cruelly cut down in its prime, never to fulfil its true potential.

Board meetings at Soccer AM/MW towers had already been focused on planning petitioning obscure Non League clubs whenever a position became available - in the likely event that professional club after professional club rejected him.

On reflection, we should have factored in Posh's madcap owner Darragh MacAnthony though. After all, this is the man who hired Mark Cooper for a Championship job. So his Peaches & Herb moment shouldn't come as a great shock.

Fergie is back, no thanks to us. At least we can absolve ourselves from any blame when it all goes wrong. Which, of course, it will. Not that Posh fans require any prior warning.

So, join with us, as we wave goodbye to a much-loved, yet, short-lived, feature. Goodbye Fergie For..., it was nice knowing you. Unlike Darren himself.

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