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Friday, January 07, 2011

Nobes' Trivia: 4

After taxing the football knowledge of Turls and Lakes over Christmas, Nobes is back with three more posers on the beautiful game to get you thinking.

Here are January's questions:

Question 1: Mystery Numbers

There are 11 of these clubs in the Championship, five in League One, and a couple of such teams in League Two. What links all 18 of them?

Question 2 - Cryptic Connection

Plymouth are to Boston, as Hull are to Gloucester, as Scunthorpe are to which Non League side?

Question 3: Where's Nobes?

Which Football League ground is Nobes at?

This ground hosted football at the 1948 Olympics - one of only two places used outside London.

It was the first ground to stage a Football League game under floodlights in 1956.

This Championship ground is actually situated on an island.

Think you can work out all three answers? Nobes will reveal them on February 4.

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