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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fergie For... Charlton Athletic

Our new series looking to secure Darren Ferguson re-employment in football management continues.

We like to think we have the ear of a few football clubs here at Soccer AM/MW.

They take time every day to read our thoughts, consider them, and then shake their head in disagreement.

However, we're not going to give up that easily. We are determined to see former Preston manager Darren Ferguson back in management.

After all, if he's not around to cast blame on his players for a loss before claiming he accepts full responsibility, then what manager is?

Having not heard back from Barnet FC, we decided to continue our quest with League One high flyers Charlton Athletic:

To whom it may concern,

After witnessing the ruthless way you dispatched with the services of Phil Parkinson, we believe we know the perfect man for the future of Charlton Athletic FC.

A man so ruthless that he is quite prepared to condemn a football club to the drop by getting his father to instantly recall the players he loaned to said club because he was fired.

I'm sure you know who we're referring to, one Darren Ferguson. We must confess, we've had trouble even writing to you because we thought it would be pointless - so blindlingly obvious is it that Dazza is the choice candidate for the job.

After all, aren't you looking to gain promotion from League One? Well, it's your lucky day. Darren's already done it.

Sure, most folk would have forgotten all about it after his two implosions in the Championship, but Darren is bona fide quality in the lower divisions.

Just present him with a squad already containing three top class striking players who can score the bucket full of goals to compensate for a total absence of defence and watch promotion follow.

We also trust that you've a blank chequebook with which to operate? Good. Darren knows plenty of Non League players incapable of making the step up with which you can blow cash on. Where's Rene Howe these days anyway?

We also believe when appointing Darren - once rated as the best young manager in the country, no, seriously - that you should consider the protection of a long contract. When we say protection, we mean for the club, not for him.

I mean, once he's taken you up and you're riding high in the Championship, he's going to be hot property and you'll have other clubs sniffing around.

It's not protection for him. Honestly. It's not like he's angling for a big pay off when you crash and burn in a higher division under his stead.

I don't think we need say any more, other than Darren Ferguson is the man for your job. Fergie For Charlton Athletic!

Yours faithfully,

Soccer AM/MW

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