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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Prediction League Week 27 continued

It was a dramatic beginning to Week 27 in the Prediction League with all three lads securing five points and registering a spot-on prediction.

With Turls correctly predicting a 2-0 Preston loss and Lakes a 2-1 Forest win, things were looking bleak for Nobes until a 98th minute goal secured him his 2-1 victory for Boston.

What twists and turns will take place this midweek with both Forest and PNE in league action?

Coventry City vs. Nottingham Forest

Coventry City 1-1 Forest
Coventry City 1-2 Forest
Coventry City 0-1 Forest

Preston North End vs. Sheffield United

Lakes: PNE 3-2 Sheffield United
PNE 0-1 Sheffield United
PNE 0-0 Sheffield United

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