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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Editorial 5

Greetings from your new, slightly differently coloured Soccer AM/MW. Yes, that's right, your favourite blog/home page, has undergone a slight makeover.

I've been advised not to bore people with too much detail, but we felt that a splash of blue would add the touch of professionalism that the content just doesn't.

Speaking of content, I'm pleased to say that, over the past two months, we've managed to stick to our pledge to update this blog with new content every weekday.

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet too much - because too much of anything isn't good - I think that's a good achievement for an independently run blog run by just three people.

When you consider too the diversity and quality of some of the content, then I think that's a further reason to be cheerful.

And here's another, with the business phase of the season ever approaching, next week we'll be taking our first look at the state of play across the divisions.

We'll be assessing the runners and riders and which teams are staring success or failure in the face. Look out for that from Monday.

Don't forget, if you'd like to get in touch with us you can always leave a comment or drop us an email at soccerammw@gmail.com. It's always nice to hear feedback, even if it is just to confirm Turls's assertion that I am dead inside.

That's also the same way to take part in our Fan Files or join in with my trivia questions. Speaking of which, I'm already planning the bumper end of season quiz to test Lakes and Turls on. I might even make it do-able this time.

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