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Monday, July 19, 2010

Editorial 10

Hello true football fans.

You'd be forgiven for having not logged on to your favourite Football and Non Leagues blog over the past month - what with the World Cup going on.

Not because the tournament was particularly exciting, mind you, rather you probably found the snooze fest going on in South Africa so dull to watch you've spent the last four weeks asleep.

We were thankful for one team here on Soccer AM/MW - the spirited Ghana. With their very own Football League representative in Kevin Prince-Boateng they reached the quarter finals.

It was progress we charted every step of the way. Despite the international action, though, we've still been here covering the breaking stories on home soil.

That includes everything from looking at where all the player-managers have gone, and all discussing the beauty of the football match day programme.

Also this past month, Turls published his research into which area of the country really can claim to be the hotbed of British football - which I'm led to believe has interested a promiment regional newspaper. That's right, we told them about it.
And as we forget those national anthems and flags for another four years it is the domestic game that, once more, takes centre stage.

The new season is a matter of weeks away, the transfer market is in full flow, and the usual anticipation and dreams that accompany any new campaign are ready to be, well, dashed.

In preparation for the new campaign, the Soccer AM/MW AGM took place in Leeds this weekend.

Needless to say, much ruminating and thought was given to how we can improve your diet of irreverent, humorous, yet considered footballing conversation.

That means that, unfortunately, we'll be waving goodbye to some features. The last salute to some of football's forgotten intricacies has been given. We've also decided against following a division over 2010/11.

You can find the content which we will no longer be continuing with in our new archive section. So never fear, the times when we got in wrong in the past can still be found and used to hit us over the head with.

While it's out with the old, we'll also be introducing some exciting new content.

That includes lots of trips down memory lane, launching our own Paradoxical Football World, and we'll be announcing which club we'll be adopting as our own this term.

Some of the old favourites will still be around though.

Once more we'll be displaying our ignorance on the Prediction League as well as showing just how far off three people can be when trying to forecast how the Championship and Leagues One and Two will turn out come May.

I can also confirm that, as defending Prediction League Champion, I did receive my complimentary winner's drinks, this weekend.

It's fair to say you can believe a lot of the scurrilous rumours you read about Lakes and Turls on the internet. However, any accusations of them not being honourable are, alas, not true.

Honourable people, passionate about proper football, and determined to bring you the freshest and most original content from around the lower divisions of English football.

That's us, and that's what we'll be here doing in 2010/11. We hope you'll be around too.


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