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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We salute... more Non League club nicknames

Our series highlighting the small yet beautiful elements of the game we love continues.

A few weeks ago
Nobes saluted some of the best nicknames of Non League clubs and here he looks at some more of the best.

Bloods - Droylsden

Some believe that the Manchester club's Bloods nickname is simply an allusion to the red kit they play in.

If so, what a lovely yet not so pleasant choice of something red to be called after.

However, the more widely believed theory for the nickname is that it comes from the Conference North side's Butcher's Arms ground. After all, where there's a butcher - there's blood.

Having said that, where there's a serial killer there's blood also, which is why their ground is also known as Under the Patio or In the Cellar.

Ziggers - Barrow

Barrow are more commonly known as the Bluebirds due to their choice of kit colour. However, an older nickname is that of the Ziggers.

This completely original name derives from a terrace chant at Barrow's Holker Street during the 60s: "Zigger - zagger. Zigger - zagger. Oi, Oi, Oi!"

The Zigger itself was a stuffed kitbag brought to the ground by a group of youngsters and paraded around before a game.

As the ritual coincided with the club enjoying a good spell, it was believed to be a good luck charm.

Classic Non League beauty.

Gambians - Sutton United

Plenty of English clubs have namesakes across the world, only Sutton United decided to use this connection to forge a nickname though.

Sutton United FC are a team from the Gambian city of Banjul, formed in 1999.

So on learning about the team sharing their name, the original London club adopted the moniker of the Gambians in tribute to the country.


Terras - Weymouth

A club nicknamed the Terras sounds quite menacing. Indeed, anyone who's been to the Dorset coastal town of Weymouth probably think it is quite menacing.

However, the Conference South outfit's nickname actually comes from the club's original kit from the 1890s.

Their first kit comprised of quarters of blue and terracotta, hence the Terras.

Not only is this nickname steeped in tradition, it's wonderfully vague, confusing, and deserves to be saluted simply because a club had the desire to take to the field wearing terracotta colours.

How Mediterranean!

Exiles - Newport County

We like clubs who don't forget their roots here at Soccer AM/MW, and Newport's nickname refers to the early days of the reformed club.

The Welsh outfit were forced out of business in 1989 after relegation from the Football League but were quickly reformed.

However, the new club were homeless and were forced to play their debut season's home matches many miles away in the Gloucestershire town of Moreton-in-Marsh.

Thus the club were exiled from their home hence the nickname of the Exiles.
Now safely back home, the club have stuck to their adopted nickname from their adopted home. Poignant.

Non League club nicknames... Soccer AM/MW salutes you again!

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