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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Editorial 6

Hello and welcome to another insight into the running of your favourite group of trumpet blowers' football blog.

Now, it's unlike me to use these words every month to big ourselves up, I know. However, given both the
the quality and quantity of the content over the past month, I can't resist.

It was a month that saw the collapse of the Notts County dream, as reported upon by Turls.

When you consider that Turls was dismissing this fantasy before the season began, I think it reflects well on him and the team.

Firstly, we like to think we know what they're talking about and, secondly, we're not afraid to stick our necks out and say what other media outlets won't.

Anyway, before our backs start to hurt from all the slapping, how about I let you know about what's been going on here at Soccer AM/MW?

You might have seen we began our focus on the state of play across the divisions last month and the latest of these takes place next week. Look out for our thoughts and predictions.

We've also introduced a new box at the top right of the blog, this allows you quicker access to some of the latest articles from us, even if they're not on the front page.

Over the last few weeks that's included articles about the effect on a town of losing a local football club and what happens to teams who stagnate in a division. Check them out.

There are plenty of reasons to get in touch with us here at Soccer AM/MW too. If you'd like to be interviewed for our Fan Files, or have a comment to make on the blog then drop us an email at:

Speaking of getting in touch, I was asked recently whether we'd be making the move onto popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

I can confirm that we won't. Quite simply we can't condense our rambling thoughts into so few characters. Also, I think Twitter is for sad people.

Speaking of ramblings though, in the next month you can look forward to the likes of saluting more of the best Non League club nicknames and, in advance of the Final, we'll be having a whole week dedicated to the JPT.

No excuses to go anywhere else for your daily dose of the beautiful game then, eh?


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