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Monday, November 23, 2009

Kettles Watch

Sometimes in football, little events change the course of history forever. Matches won and lost, managers sacked, relegation avoided, all can turn on a twist of fate.

Another example is that of the history of Kettering Town.

Plucked out of a velvet bag to play the Skyrockets in a televised Setanta Shield match in 2007, little did the Northamptonshire outfit realise things were about to change.

In an act of gross ignorance - and clearly designed to rile Nobes - the cry of "Come on you Kettles" could be heard emanating from the other side of the Soccer AM/MW studio. And it stuck.

After all, if Wolverhampton's team are called the Wolves and Shrewsbury's the Shrews, surely Kettering would be the Kettles? Far more appropriate, or simplistic, than their original nickname of the Poppies.

And so the Kettles were born. Since those early days of scurrilous attempts to infuse this name into the English Football lexicon through editing the club's Wikipedia entry to include it, the Kettles has now really taken off.

Despite attempts to take it off Wikipedia by Town fans, it's now made its way onto the Wikipedia list of official nicknames with its more than sound reasoning.

Ahead of their FA Cup tie this weekend, a Leeds fan even advertised the game as being "v the kettles" on a fans' forum.

Matchday at Rockingham Road - 'Home of the Kettles'

Another messageboard, this time for Lincoln supporters, used the Kettles as his example for a football club nickname beginning with 'K.'

Yahoo Answers even rated a response stating Kettering to be known as the Kettles to be the best answer to a question on a football club nickname.

Now it's even stretched as far as Gambia where, on this website, they even make the point that the Kettles is indeed another name used for the Rockingham Road club.

At Soccer AM/MW we're delighted to see this movement increase its momentum. If you see any other 'Kettles' references on the web, drop us an email at soccerammw@gmail.com.


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