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Friday, September 18, 2009

We salute.... Club badges

In our series paying tribute to the elements of the game often overlooked, the lads pay tribute to football club badges.

Lakes - Scunthorpe United

A lot of people don't like it, but has there ever been a stronger badge in the history of football?

Leaping off the chests of the players and out into three dimensions, the iron bar leaves you in no doubt of the club's nickname - the Iron.

The massive fist, grappling the bar, seems to be yielding power, and text curves round at the bottom to finish up a very tidy design.

It almost feels like it has communist undertones, which is a bit scary, but I like it because it's different.

Turls - Bristol Rovers

My favourite football badge has got to belong to the mighty Bristol Rovers.

For me, it's got everything a club badge needs: a bit of colour, a bit of history, some knowledge (when they were formed) and an impressive looking pirate wielding a sword! What more can you ask for.

It's fantastic in that the pirate has controlled the ball with a certain touch of class and he is clearly pointing to his team-mates (Long John Silver and Blackbeard perhaps?) where he wants them to go.

He dares the opposition to try and stop the inevitable outcome. Anyone who dares defy the mighty pirates must be prepared to face the consequences: their towns ransacked and their wives and children pillaged*

(*It must be noted that Turls does, in no way, condone pillaging children).

Nobes - Doncaster Rovers

It seems like clubs these days are always keen to put their club badge into some shield or circle shape. It's great to see a club with something distinctive as a badge therefore, and Doncaster have the most original around.

The Viking, wielding his sword, is a symbol of power and strength. Of course, Donny's forgotten nickname is the Vikings, because of their connections with the area.

The cape provides the background for the shield which neatly ties up everything - the white rose of Yorkshire along with the club's initials and playing colours - the red and white hoops.
It's almost as beautiful as Rovers' football.

Football club badges.... Soccer AM/MW salutes you!

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