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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Greatest Board in the Whole Wide World III

It was super exciting this week! I got to make a really important decision and although I was under pressure, I'm 110% confident that I delivered the right verdict.

I chose for the weekly board meeting to have caviar sandwiches rather than cheese and ham. Although it's slightly pricier, I felt that they would help the boys work better and stuff.

I was a little upset when I saw Steve running to the bathroom but he has never been able to keep down his Mexican food.

At the board meeting I remember us talking about Isaac Hayes or something like that. Apparently, a little tinpot club refused to carry on playing a game because their goalieman broke his leg.

Seems a bit cowardly if you ask me but the Hayes & Yeading boys insisted they get the three points.

It turns out the game was 0-0 with 15 minutes to go when Gateshead had a little cry so I thought it would be fair if we gave H&Y the three points. Why? Well if they had kept on playing then they would have easily scored past a goalkeeper with one leg.... duh!

Again... my decision making was flawless and I even got a phone call from Papa Blatter commending me on my bravery. Reinforced by Papa's decision.... I'm looking to punish Gateshead by deducting a point for every week that their goalkeeper is out injured.

I applied for a job at UEFA today...... hopefully I'll hear back from them soon. I told them about my caviar sandwiches so I'm bound to get the job.

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