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Thursday, June 03, 2010

End of Season: Trivia Quiz

After the success, ahem, of the Christmas Trivia Quiz, Nobes once again took the role of quizmaster to task Turls and Lakes on the events of the past nine months.

With 30 questions about the season gone by, the pair taxed their memories to see just how much they could recall.

Could Lakes gain revenge for his defeat earlier in the season, or would Turls triumph again?

The answers have been 'whited out' so you can play along.

The first five questions all concern the Championship:

1. Who was the top scorer in this season's Championship? (1)
Turls: Peter Whittingham Lakes: Michael Chopra Answer:
Peter Whittingham

2. Which Championship side play at Glanford Park? (1)
Turls: Scunthorpe Lakes: Scunthorpe Answer: Scunthorpe

3. Malky Mackay is the manager of which Championship club? (1)
Turls: Watford Lakes: Watford Answer: Watford

4. Three games in this season's Championship featured eight goals. Can you name two of the six teams involved in those three matches? (2)
Turls: Reading, West Brom Lakes: Preston, QPR
Answer: Bristol City, Barnsley, Derby, Preston, Peterborough, Cardiff

5. A 6-0 win was the biggest home victory of the season - achieved by who? (1)
Turls: Reading Lakes: Leicester Answer: Reading (over Peterborough)

Round One: Turls 4 Lakes 3

The next five questions are on League One:

6. Who was top scorer in League One this season? (1)
Turls: Grant Holt Lakes: Jermaine Beckford Answer: Rickie Lambert

7. Which League One side play at Victoria Park? (1)
Turls: Hartlepool Lakes: Oldham Answer: Hartlepool

8. Paul Tisdale is the manager of which League One club? (1)
Turls: Bristol Rovers Lakes: MK Dons Answer: Exeter

9. Two games ended 7-1 in League One this season. Norwich vs. Colchester was one, can you name either of the two sides involved in the other? (1)
Turls: Gillingham Lakes: Leeds Answer: Huddersfield, Brighton

10. Which two local rivals shared a 4-4 draw during the season? (2)
Turls: Swindon, Bristol Rovers Lakes: Millwall, Charlton
Millwall, Charlton

Round Two: Turls 5 Lakes 5

League Two is the subject of the next five teasers:

11. Who was top scorer in League Two this season? (1)
Turls: Lee Hughes Lakes: Johnny Foreigner Answer: Lee Hughes

12. Which League Two club play at Edgar Street? (1)
Turls: Hereford Lakes: Shrewsbury Answer: Hereford

13. Kevin Dillon is the manager of which League Two side? (1)
Turls: Lincoln Lakes: Darlington Answer: Aldershot

14. The highest scoring match in League Two this term featured 11 goals. Can you name either of the two teams involved, and who won? (2)
Turls: Burton, Cheltenham, Burton won Lakes: Port Vale - and they won
Answer: Burton 5-6 Cheltenham

15. Notts County beat four sides 5-0 at home this season. Can you name one of them? (1)
Turls: Darlington Lakes: Morecambe
Answer: Bradford, Bury, Cheltenham, Hereford

Round Three: Turls 9 Lakes 5

The following five questions concern managers and managerial moves.

16. Five Championship teams sacked their manager in December. Name three. (3)
Turls: Peterborough, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston
Lakes: Preston, Reading, QPR
Answer: Sheffield Wednesday, Reading, Preston, Plymouth, QPR

17. Who returned to his old club for his second spell - four years after he left? (1)
Turls: Ronnie Moore Lakes: Paul Sturrock Answer: Ronnie Moore

18. Darren Ferguson, Mark Cooper, Gary Johnson, and who else all managed Peterborough this season? (1)
Turls: Barry Fry Lakes: Barry Fry Answer: Jim Gannon

19. Who were the first Championship club to change manager - after just five games? (1)
Turls: Reading Lakes: QPR Answer: Barnsley

20. Peter Taylor ended the season as Bradford boss. Who did he start the campaign managing? (1)
Turls: Wycombe Lakes: Oldham Answer: Wycombe

Round Four: Turls 13 Lakes 8

Now time for five multiple choice questions:

21. Who scored most goals at home in League One this season? (1)
A. Leeds B. Norwich C. Millwall D. Huddersfield
Turls: Huddersfield Lakes: Millwall Answer: Huddersfield

22. Which two of these drew the most games in the Football League this season? (2)
A. Brentford B. Swansea C. Ipswich D. Walsall
Turls: Ipswich, Walsall Lakes: Ipswich, Brentford Answer: Ipswich, Brentford

23. Who were the only team in the Football League not to win away this season? (1)
A. Stockport B. Darlington C. Gillingham D. Peterborough
Turls: Gillingham Lakes: Peterborough Answer: Gillingham

24. Which of these sides didn't win more away games than home matches? (1)
A. Brighton B. Crewe C. Rotherham D. Oldham
Turls: Oldham Lakes: Crewe Answer: Oldham

25. Which of these teams went through the season unbeaten at home? (1)
A. Notts County B. Newcastle C. Rochdale D. Leeds
Turls: Newcastle Lakes: Newcastle Answer: Newcastle

Round Five: Turls 18 Lakes 11

To finish off with, Lakes and Turls faced five questions about their own team. Starting with Lakes and Preston:

26. Who did Preston lose 4-2 away at in Darren Ferguson's first game in charge? (1)
Lakes: Reading Answer: Bristol City

27. Who beat PNE 1-0 in Alan Irvine's final match in charge? (1)
Lakes: Coventry Answer: Sheffield United

28. A 3-2 win against who secured Preston's place in next year's Championship? (1)
Lakes: Scunthorpe Answer: Scunthorpe

29. PNE's biggest loss of the season was a 4-0 defeat against which team? (1)
Lakes: Ipswich Answer: QPR

30. Who were the only side PNE did the double over this season? (1)
Lakes: Peterborough Answer: Peterborough

Now Turls faces five questions on Forest's campaign:

26. Forest's biggest win of the season was a 5-0 victory against which team? (1)
Turls: Peterborough Answer: QPR

27. Only three teams stopped Forest scoring at the City Ground this term. Blackpool and West Brom were two, who were the third? (1)
Turls: Ipswich Answer: Cardiff

28. Forest completed three doubles this season - against Plymouth, Peterborough, and who else? (1)
Turls: Swansea Answer: Swansea

29. Who ended Forest's unbeaten away record this season? (1)
Turls: Derby Answer: Derby

30. Who did Forest secure their first win of the season against? (1)
Turls: Derby Answer: Derby

Final Score: Turls 21 Lakes 13 (out of 36)

There we have it, an improved showing from both the lads in what was a tighter contest than at Christmas. However, once again, with a very respectable score, Turls emerged victorious.

After his nul points on PNE questions earlier in the season though, Lakes will be relieved to have at least got a couple of his Preston questions right this time around.

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