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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Editorial 9

Hello Soccer AM/MWers!

It's time for another update from the football blog only marginally more popular than the sound of vuvuzelas.

The World Cup is, of course, taking place in South Africa this month. In truth, it's not been the most exhilarating of tournaments to date. Indeed, the quality has looked more like the JPT than the World Cup.

We're covering South Africa 2010 in our own unique way here on Soccer AM/MW as we focus on the exploits of all of the Football League representatives who are, or could, take part in the tournament.

You can read our preview of all the stars, and we'll be looking at how they do at regular points during the next few weeks. Whoever gets furthest with their team and impresses the most will earn the status of becoming an official Soccer AM/MW favourite.

That kind of reputation brings a huge array of amazing perks that we've not yet decided. It'll give each and every one of them a huge cause to fight for - even if they know they've no chance of lifting the Cup on July 11.

Naturally, as it's close season time, things have slowed down a bit here on your favourite lower league blog. However, we don't go away completely, there's no holiday or rest for the wicked.

We've just finished rounding up the season with our own inimitable awards, and we'll continue to keep you in touch with the important developments that happen in the Football League over the summer - that includes any managerial appointments.

You can't have failed to notice, too, that we've had a bit of a makeover with the look of the blog recently. Stay tuned for further little adaptations in the way we look.

Finally, it's been nice to get some positive feedback - particularly on our review of the season courtesy of our very own Doctor Lakes. Giving physicals to 72 clubs was a taxing job, but given his fondness of getting up close and personal he didn't particularly mind.

He's also paid such a ridiculous amount to do it, too, that you'd think he was working for Notts County.

We always enjoy getting your feedback so do drop us an email at
soccerammw@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter. And we'll be on the look out for fans to join in on our Fan Files next season - so let us know if you're interested.

Enjoy the World Cup.


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