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Friday, July 17, 2009

What to expect...

During the year Soccer AM/MW graced the airwaves of Lancashire and the wider world, the programme showcased a whole range of amusing and topical features.

Some of these cannot be brought to the blog, some will be, and some new features are already having literally minutes of time put into preparing them.

We'll still endeavour to do what no-one else can be bothered to, and cover the areas of football others won't touch. If there's a story at Frickley, then we'll tell you all about it. Well, providing it's a big one that we heard about without having to look for it.

Pork Scratchin' Corner will be back, and we'll be previewing and reviewing some of the biggest and most important games in the Football and Non League world.

They'll be the usual talking points which raised such heat in the radio studio that sometimes we were even forced to open the window. When the window actually could be opened, that is.

We'll also once again be displaying our general ignorance in the Prediction League. Defending champion Turls will be attempting to hold onto the crown he won at a canter last time out.

In an even greater act of bravado, we'll also be looking deep into our crystal balls (no jokes please) and trying to forecast how the Championship, League One, and League Two tables will look come the end of the season.

We'll also be turning our attentions to one lucky Non League club who will become our adopted team of the season. Fortunately, for everyone involved, this can't be Boston.

Also, if you've ever actually wondered who's leading the way and who's struggling at the bottom in the Cherry Red Records Premier Division, or some equally tinpot league, then we'll be adopting an obscure NL division for the season too.

And if that isn't enough to whet your appetite, and it's probably not, then football's dodgiest agent Harry Small will also be re-appearing. Quite literally - as for the first time we reveal his face to the world. Yes, it does seem absolutely anything can go onto the internet.

We might even stick up some photos of any matches we go to or any Soccer AM/MW meet-ups if we remember to take a camera and get it organised. Don't hold your breath.

Permission to get officially excited? Granted.


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