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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Radio Show

Soccer AM/MW was originally a football talk show broadcast from 2007-2008 on Frequency 1350 AM/MW, the student radio station at Preston's University of Central Lancashire.

The brainchild of Craig Laycock, Seb Noble, and Matt Turland (left-right), the show focused purely on the game in the Football and Non Leagues - nothing on the Premier League.

Making the transition onto the internet in 2009, its unique mix of football chat and banter lives on.

The usual features from the radio show are here. Every week the lads preview and then review a match from the Football League. The Prediction League competition continues throughout the season too.

The lads also debate and discuss the big talking points in the game, and there's plenty of the fun and trivia which made the show so popular. You can find all these on the panel at the top and right hand side of the page.

Soccer AM/MW - representing real football for real football fans.

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