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Monday, July 20, 2009

Out and about

A trip down memory lane... well, down the road to Lancaster, actually.

Pictures from the Soccer AM/MW trip to Lancaster City against Bamber Bridge at the Giant Axe ground in November 2007. The Brig won 2-0, for the record.

Nobes, Lakes, and Turls hit Lancaster.

The boys are impressed by Lancaster Castle.

There really is something amazing behind them.

Someone should tell them the 'thumbs-up' is
no longer cool

The lads take a well earned break from....
Just a well earned break.

Born for radio - Lakes, Nobes, and Turls.

Nobes interviews a Russian tourist AKA Turls.

The kind of photo Nobes secretly wishes will
appear on Before They Were Famous
Gather round to listen to the wise words of
the Prediction League Champion

The lads are also have serious broadcasting
to do.

At Bamber Bridge vs. Curzon Ashton
in April 2008. Ended 1-1.

The lads are told they're off to watch
Kettering play.

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