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Friday, April 16, 2010

Nobes' Trivia Question 17 solution

Two weeks ago, we asked whether you were about to fathom out which Football League ground we were visiting as we asked:


Nobes told you:

The ground I'm at this week was once visited by the Queen and is the second home of the team who play here.

This stadium also boasts a stand which was the first cantilever construction at a football venue in the country.

Another stand is named after two fans who lost their lives while watching their team play.

A famous siren also used to ring around this ground.

Did you work it out?

He was at Lincoln City's Sincil Bank stadium.

Queen Elizabeth II visited the ground in 1958, but it's the second ground City have played at. Before moving to 'The Bank' in 1984, they resided at the John O'Gaunts ground.

The imposing Lincolnshire Co-op
Stand [pictured above] was built in 1995, and was the first cantilever stand at a football ground in the country.

A stand behind one of the goals, the Stacey West Stand, is named after Bill Stacey and Jim West - two lifelong Imps fans who died during the Bradford Fire Disaster in 1985.

An old siren also used to be cranked up during matches at Sincil Bank whenever the home side won a free-kick or corner.

Congratulations if you got the answer right. Nobes will have another question soon.

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