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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We salute... Football ground food

In the latest of our series saluting the forgotten aspects of the beautiful game, Nobes turns his attention to something dear to his heart - and stomach - football ground grub.

You wouldn't know from looking at me, but I love my food. Part of the joy of long away trips to far flung corners of the country, because let's be honest - it's never the result, is sampling the culinary delicacies on offer at various football grounds.

Over the years I've tried a few, sometimes I've even gone back for more. But amongst the plastic hot dogs at York, or the lack of vegetarian pie options on offer at Accrington, a few delights stand out from the crowd.

The time has come, in a pure act of self-indulgence, to recognise these food sensations on a sparsely read internet blog.

Scotch Pie

Many people think Carlisle is in Scotland. It seems so far away when you've been sitting on a coach for the best part of your weekend that you can understand why.

It's not of course, but that doesn't stop Carlisle United stocking the simply sensational Scotch Pie. A classic mix of minced lamb and veg encased in a thick short-crust pastry case, the Scotch Pie is a firm favourite on trips to Brunton Park.

Stock up and take a few for the trip home.

Aggborough Soup

It's widely accepted among lower league fans that the best food around can be found at Kidderminster Harriers.

With its home made cottage and shepherds pies, no trip to Worcestershire is complete without sampling the food on offer.

And no football food is more famous than the thick broth known as Aggborough Soup. It's guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold January afternoon as your team slump to yet another embarrassing away defeat.

Kiddy's food prices might seem high, but considering the portion size and quality, it's worth every penny.

Butter Pie

Such is the affection the humble Butter Pie has in Preston, fans have started a Facebook group petitioning for its return to Deepdale.

The scandalous decision to stop selling this delicious Prestonian classic has been met with dismay by North End fans.

Originally baked for Catholics on Fridays when eating meat was forbidden, this combination of potato and onion in a butter sauce is the only choice for those seeking a pie bereft of meat.

Restoring it to its rightful place on a Saturday afternoon would surely ease the pressure even on beleagured chairman Derek Shaw.

Pork Roll

The Dambusters, Maggie Thatcher, Butlins, the Red Arrows, Lincolnshire is famous for many things.

However, it's also famous for its pork meat products, including the classic Hot Pork Roll on sale at Lincoln City

With the option of having one including stuffing or apple sauce, the Sincil Bank favourite is a classic for basement division fans.

Fish & Chips

OK, so I'm slightly cheating with this one, but anyway, full marks to some, some being the operative word, stewards at Rochdale's Spotland ground.

That's because they have been known to allow fans to enter through the turnstiles with the fish & chips purchased from the stellar Willbutt's Lane chippy across the road from the ground.

A proper northern chippy tea while watching your team on a typically grim Lancashire afternoon. There's no beating it.

Football ground food... Soccer AM/MW salutes you!

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