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Monday, June 06, 2011

Predicted Tables Review

At the beginning of the campaign, the lads all predicted how the Championship, League One and League Two tables would look like come the end of the season.

How did they score though?

The points scoring works as follows:

For every spot-on prediction of where a club would finish, ten points are rewarded.

Things then descend on a scale of five points for being one position off down to one point for being five places off.

Predictions that were between six and nine places off pick up no points.

A prediction ten places off means one point is taken off the total. Being 11 places off equates to a two point penalty all the way up to five points off for being incorrect by 14 positions.

A prediction inaccurate by more than 14 places sees a 10 point penalty dealt out.

Here's how they scored for each of the divisions then:

Lakes was the clear victor in the Championship prediction stakes. He racked up a superb 62 points, including ten point hauls from Coventry, Hull, and his very own Preston.

Runners-up Norwich proved his biggest thorn, costing him five points. Derby were another stumbling block with four points being taken off his tally for their poor showing.

Nobes took 39 points from the Championship, with twenty of his total being accrued from spot on forecasts for Preston and Scunthorpe. However, he lost the same number from Swansea and Sheffield United.

Turls came in a close third with 32 points. He scored a full ten points from Burnley and did well with Hull and Bristol City. He lost ten points for his forecast for Sheffield United though.

After the Championship the scores stood at:

1. Lakes - 62 2. Nobes - 37 3. Turls - 32
Into League One, where the lads performed well below their Championship record. Having said that, Lakes was again the best performer though.

With the likes of Tranmere, Walsall, Southampton, and Colchester all scoring highly for him. He lost ten points from Leyton Orient though.

Nobes performed miserably with just eight points in total from League One. He picked up ten points from Huddersfield but lost twenty from wildly incorrect forecasts for Plymouth and Swindon.

However, it was even worse for Turls, who ended up on -13 points for his League One efforts. Incorrect predictions for Plymouth, Leyton Orient, and Swindon totalling minus 30 points.

That left the standings at:

1. Lakes - 82 2. Nobes - 45 3. Turls - 19

Into League Two, where Lakes continued his impressive form to wrap up a hugely comfortable victory in the Predicted Table standings.

Head and shoulders above the other two, he scored 50 points from his League Two predictions. That included spot on forecasts for Morecambe, Gillingham, Northampton, and Stockport.

He could even afford to lose fifteen points for poor predictions for Shrewsbury, Bradford, and Accrington.

Nobes again came in second, with 24 points to his name. He managed just one spot on prediction, in Lincoln, but also lost ten points for getting Accrington's finishing position badly wrong.

For the second time in the competition, Turls posted a negative score as he registered -18 for his League Two predictions.

Particular lowlights were losing ten points from Bradford and Stevenage. Four point hauls from Crewe, Barnet, and Port Vale were his best effort.

The table in end looked like this therefore, with Lakes easing to an embarrassingly comprehensive win and Nobes well ahead of Turls in second:

1. Lakes - 162 2. Nobes - 71 3. Turls - 1

Overall, the Championship was easily the best division for the lads to predict, and League One the hardest.

The highest scoring team were, maybe unsurprisingly, Preston North End. With 24 points in total being scored by the lads from Preston.

The lowest scoring teams were surprise League One flops Plymouth and Swindon, who cost the lads 24 points in total.

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