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Monday, June 13, 2011

Editorial 16

Hello Soccer AM/MW followers.

You may have noticed things have gone slightly quiet here at Soccer AM/MW over the past few weeks.

That can partly be attributed to the fact that the season is over, as well as a technological meltdown affecting yours truly. A lesson, if ever there needed to be one, in not keeping an open bottle of Irn Bru next to a computer.

We also made the unconventional step of refusing to cover the play offs - simply because all three of our clubs have suffered so much pain and misery in them that we don't want to anymore.

We're also far too petty minded to want to have congratulate Deadly Darren on his promotion.

Well, things will unsurprisingly be quieter over the summer as we take some well earned weeks of vacation. We might rear our head every so often, so stay tuned to that place where all the super injunctions are revealed for any updates.

And of course, we'll be back for the new season as well. Albeit looking slightly different.

It can't have escaped your notice that the coalition government is in the process of making some rather deep cuts in public services, and we too have felt their axe.

I myself made the trip down to London to discuss cutbacks at Soccer AM/MW towers. Initially I thought I was off to pay a visit to Dave at Number 10 for cucumber sandwiches and tea.

Instead they directed me to the Secretary for Culture, Media, Olympics, and Sport - a man called Jeremy Hunt. Apparently he's referred to by another name by BBC employees.

Still, it was a relief because I don't like cucumber sandwiches or tea, and Jezza's more of a coffee and digestive biscuit guy. Cheryl Cole would have been proud.

After some coffee and chewing the fat - sounds like a disgusting combination, I know - I managed to spare Lakes the chop. Unfortunately though, the likes of the Big Match have not been spared, so we'll be looking slightly more svelte in the future.

We haven't ruled out the possibility of hiring some lackey for nowt and making him work on the site though under the disguise of The Big Society. Everyone else is doing it, so why not us I thought?

Have a good summer.


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