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Monday, November 01, 2010

Nobes' Trivia 2: solutions

At the beginning of last month, Nobes set you three football trivia posers to get your teeth into.

Did you manage to work out the answers? Here they are:

Question 1 - Cryptic connection

What links:

The Rangers from London, the Conference South side managed by Mark Simpson, the team who play at the Dripping Pan, and a recently reformed Non League outfit from Norfolk?

Solution: The clubs are linked by all being characters on a chess board.

The Rangers from London are Queen's Park Rangers. The Conference South side managed by Mark Simpson are Bishop's Stortford.

The team who play at the Dripping Pan are Lewes - who are nicknamed the Rooks. Finally, the recently reformed Non League outfit from Norfolk are King's Lynn Town.

Question 2 - Where's Nobes?

Which Football League ground is Nobes at?

This stadium has hosted Olympic football before, and still hosts international matches.

Built in the early 20th century, it now sits below the flight path of an airport - making planes flying overhead a common occurrence.

There is a pub at each corner of this ground.

Solution: Nobes was at Brentford's Griffin Park.

Question 3 - General

There are 17 in the Championship, 5 in League One, and 1 in League Two. What?

Solution: The answer is former Premier League teams.

The 17 in the Championship are: Barnsley, Burnley, Coventry, Crystal Palace, Derby, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading, Sheffield United, and Watford.

The five from League One are: Charlton, Oldham, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, and Swindon.

The one League Two team to have previously been in the Premier League are Bradford.

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