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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Editorial 12

Hello Soccer AM/MWers.

It's been a while since I put pen to paper and let you know what's going on here at your first source for all lower league chat - as well as anti-FA Cup rhetoric courtesy of yours truly.

Indeed, I'm led to believe my article on why the Cup has lost its magic for Non League teams was actually re-tweeted, whatever that means, on the FA's official twitter thing for this season's competition.

I'm not the sort of person to let this semi-fame go my head, but remember the email for any autograph requests is:
soccerammw@gmail.com. Indeed, it's the way to get in touch for every other reason, too.

Anyway, as the 'most wonderful time of the year' - the thoughts of the song, not me - approaches, I felt it was a good time to look back on the first half of the campaign on the blog.

I'm proud to say that as we approach the New Year, we'd have already covered the fortunes of 58 of the 72 Football League clubs by the end of this week.

Whether featured in a Big Match, discussed as a Talking Point, highlighted in our Fan Files, or maybe even sent to visit Doctor Lakes, our reach across the divisions is unparallelled.

So, for fans of the 14 clubs we've not yet covered, fear not, it's my pledge that we will have by the end of the season - and hopefully long before then.

Now, I'm not a Liberal Democrat MP, so I won't be signing anything to make that pledge official, and sometimes compromises have to be made in our coalition of three.

I'm confident though that we'll be able to deliver on that promise despite the recent cuts made to our Irn Bru budget which have left working conditions in the Soccer AM/MW office almost unmanageable.

In saying that though, it recently came to my attention - well, I looked myself - that we recently passed a significant, and very pleasing, milestone.

No, not the number of Twitter 'followers' we have, rather that October 29 2009 was the last time this blog was not updated with fresh content on a weekday - well over a year ago.

So Monday through Friday
you can be sure to log on and find something on here. Sometimes it might even be worth reading, too.

This season that's included a new feature where we take a walk down Memory Lane - not only rejoicing in the days gone by, but also expanding our Non League coverage - looking at sides who, ordinarily, wouldn't get a mention.

In the coming months we'll be expanding our looks into the history books as we look at Classic Campaigns. So stay tuned for that one - as well as the usual goodies we'll have on offer over Christmas.

Right, before this breaks all records for its self-congratulatory tone, I'll call it quits, except to thank you for logging on and reading. What'd say about continuing doing so?


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