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Friday, May 20, 2011

What if...

Enter our paradoxical world as we pose the questions as to how things in the footballing world could have turned out very differently when we ask: What if...

... Stevenage had been promoted in 1996?

What if Stevenage hadn't been denied promotion in 1996 because of their ground? Nobes considers how different the Football League they enter this season is to the one 14 years ago.

... ITV Digital hadn't gone bust?

What if ITV Digital hadn't left so many Football League clubs in the lurch when they went bust and withdrew their funding? Turls looks at the momentous events of 2002.

... Re-election hadn't ended?

What if automatic promotion and relegation between the Football and Non Leagues had never been introduced? Nobes looks at the watershed moment of 1987.

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