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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Trivia Quiz

It's that time of the year again. Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year. A time for giving, thinking about others, and, of course, football trivia.

So, in our annual Soccer AM/MW special, Turls and Lakes go head-to-head with Nobes as the question-master to see who comes out top of the tree this Christmas.

If you'd like to play along, then the answers have been 'whited out' and can be revealed by highlighting the text after 'Answer:'

The first six questions all concern the Championship:

1. Which Championship side play at Carrow Road? (1)
Turls: Norwich Lakes: Norwich Answer: Norwich

2. Kenny Jackett manages which Championship club? (1)
Turls: Millwall Lakes: Millwall Answer: Millwall

3. Which Championship team are nicknamed the Bluebirds? (1)
Turls: Cardiff Lakes: Cardiff Answer: Cardiff

4. Which Championship side thumped Leicester 6-1 earlier this season? (1)
Turls: Portsmouth Lakes: Swansea Answer: Portsmouth

5. Keith Millen took over as boss of which Championship side this season? (1)
Turls: Coventry Lakes: Barnsley Answer: Bristol City

6. Blackpool, Cardiff, Nottingham Forest, and which other team made last season's Championship play offs?
Turls: Leicester Lakes: Swansea Answer: Leicester

Round One: Turls 5 Lakes 3

The next six questions are on League One:

7. Which League One side play at the Memorial Stadium?
Turls: Hartlepool Lakes: Notts County Answer: Bristol Rovers

8. John Ward manages which League One side?
Turls: Colchester Lakes: Tranmere Answer: Colchester

9. Which League One side are nicknamed the Glovers? (1)
Turls: Yeovil Lakes: Leyton Orient Answer: Yeovil

10. It ended 5-4, Swindon lost, but which League One side won that game this season? (1)
Turls: Charlton Lakes: Charlton Answer: Peterborough

11. Chris Turner resigned as boss of which League One team earlier this season? (1)
Turls: MK Dons Lakes: Dagenham Answer: Hartlepool

12. Gillingham, Stockport, Southend, and which other club were relegated from League One last season? (1)
Turls: Cheltenham Lakes: Shrewsbury Answer: Wycombe

Round Two: Turls 7 Lakes 3

The next six questions all concern League Two:

13. Which League Two team play at Gigg Lane? (1)
Turls: Bury Lakes: Bury Answer: Bury

14. Sammy McIlroy manages which League Two side? (1)
Turls: Morecambe Lakes: Morecambe Answer: Morecambe

15. Which League Two club are nicknamed the Silkmen? (1)
Turls: Macclesfield Lakes: Macclesfield Answer: Macclesfield

16. Which League Two team went almost 1000 minutes without conceding a goal towards the start of the season? (1)
Turls: Torquay Lakes: Chesterfield Answer: Torquay

17. Which League Two side sacked boss Simon Davey earlier this year? (1)
Turls: Hereford Lakes: Hereford Answer: Hereford

18. Notts County, Rochdale, Dagenham, and which other team were promoted from League Two last season? (1)
Turls: Bournemouth Lakes: Exeter Answer: Bournemouth

Round Three: Turls 13 Lakes 7

The next six questions are all multiple choice questions:

19. Which of these sides doesn't have a Scottish manager? (1)
A) Watford B) Oldham C) Southend D) Northampton
Turls: Oldham Lakes: Northampton Answer: Northampton

20. Which of these League Two clubs have a three-sided ground? (1)
A) Oxford B) Barnet C) Cheltenham D) Stevenage
Turls: Stevenage Lakes: Cheltenham Answer: Oxford

21. Which League One side didn't change manager last season? (1)
A) Tranmere B) Leyton Orient C) Colchester D) Carlisle
Turls: Carlisle Lakes: Carlisle Answer: Carlisle

22. Which Championship team haven't won away this season? (1)
A) Scunthorpe B) Burnley C) Barnsley D) Middlesbrough
Turls: Burnley Lakes: Burnley Answer: Burnley

23. Which League One side have the lowest average attendance this year? (1)
A) Walsall B) Dagenham C) Rochdale D) Hartlepool
Turls: Dagenham Lakes: Rochdale Answer: Dagenham

24. Which Championship side have the highest average attendance this season? (1)
A) Norwich B) Leeds C) Derby D) Leicester
Turls: Leeds Lakes: Leicester Answer: Derby

Round Four: Turls 16 Lakes 10

The next six questions were all about Preston for Lakes only:

25. Who finished last season as Preston's top goalscorer? (1)
Lakes: Jon Parkin Answer: Jon Parkin

26. Preston's first away this season came at which team? (1)
Lakes: Leeds Answer: Coventry

27. Preston have conceded four goals away from home this season at Leeds, Swansea, and which other team? (1)
Lakes: Leicester Answer: Burnley

28. Jon Parkin, Iain Hume, Callum Davidson, and who else got on the scoresheet in Preston's 6-4 win at Leeds? (1)
Lakes: Keith Treacy Answer: Keith Treacy

29. Who were the visitors for Preston's biggest crowd of the season? (1)
Lakes: Norwich Answer: Norwich

30. Preston have kept three clean sheets this season - against Millwall, Ipswich, and who else? (1)
Lakes: Coventry Answer: Portsmouth

Now Turls has six questions to answer about Nottingham Forest:

25. Who finished last season as Forest's top scorer? (1)
Turls: Rob Earnshaw Answer: Rob Earnshaw

26. Forest's first away win this season came at which team? (1)
Turls: Preston Answer: Preston

27. Forest have lost four times away this season - at Portsmouth, Leicester, Burnley and where else? (1)
Turls: Barnsley Answer: Barnsley

28. Who scored twice for Forest in the 3-1 win over Swansea? (1)
Turls: Lewis McGugan Answer: Lewis McGugan

29. Who were the visitors for Forest's biggest crowd of the season? (1)
Turls: Leeds Answer: Leeds

30. Forest have kept two clean sheets away this season - at Hull and where else? (1)
Turls: Cardiff Answer: Cardiff

Round Five: Turls 22 Lakes 13

The final six questions are more difficult - but are all worth more than one point:

31. Karl Robinson is the youngest manager in the Football League. Which club does he manager? (2)
Turls: Leyton Orient Lakes: Rotherham Answer: MK Dons

32. Which side made the JPT area final for a record eighth time this season? (3)
Turls: Carlisle Lakes: Wycombe Answer: Carlisle

33. Gilligham ended their long winless away run at which club earlier this season? (3)
Turls: Crewe Lakes: Hereford Answer: Oxford

34. What was the scoreline when Millwall hosted Watford this season? (3)
Turls: 3-3 Lakes: 2-1 Answer: 1-6

35. Which Football League club were the first to sack their manager this season? (3)
Turls: Southampton Lakes: MK Dons Answer: Sheffield United

36. Which side are top of the Conference Premier? (2)
Turls: AFC Wimbledon Lakes: AFC Wimbledon Answer: AFC Wimbledon

Final Score: Turls 27 Lakes 15 (out of 46)

So, a third straight win for Turls in our mammoth trivia quizzes. However, both lads improved their scores again. Will Lakes ever emerge triumphant? Hope springs eternal.

N.B. Lakes would like it to be known that he was going to revise before the quiz but forgot.

He also made it clear he'd prefer his specialist questions next time to, rather than concern Preston, revolve around British media personality Simon Mayo.

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