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Friday, August 27, 2010

Editorial 11

Hello lower league fans.

It's time for another installment from inside the blog you can't help but like. Then again, you're not alone.

No, let me assure you, the Irn Bru bottles have been popping like there's no tomorrow at Soccer AM/MW towers this month as we had even more reason to feel good about ourselves.

The launch of the Guardian's excellent Football League blog has given much needed coverage to the work ourselves and many others do in turning the spotlight on life outside the greed of the top flight.

Being listed on their 'sites we like' section is the kind of coup Lakes will be dining out on in the fanciest restaurants as he schmoozes with the Smoke's finest.

In all seriousness, it's a nice recognition for something we enjoy doing. A quick look at the Guardian's site and you might well find other Football League content which interests you.

We like to think that, here at Soccer AM/MW though, we offer more than just a vehicle for serious discussion. We always endeavour to do something different, and find a more unique way of covering events.

That's why we were pleased to introduce Enron Turlman to the world this past month as he gave us his thoughts on how the new season would be panning out across the Football League.

It's also reflected in our new 'What if...' section as we pose the hypothetical questions which look at how things could have turned out very differently.

That irreverence we so dearly love will also be in great supply as we make regular check-ups with our good Doctor Lakes.

He'll be getting out his equipment and doing the kind of physicals most GPs expect to be paid for. He does it simply for pleasure though - too much pleasure, if you ask me.

Of course, with the return of the new season some of the old favourites are back, including the Big Match Previews and Reviews and the Prediction League.

I'm feeling a new sense of pressure this term as I try and defend my title from last season. You can keep check with our progress with the table permanently on the left hand side.

A new feature for the season is the regular trips down Memory Lane as we look into the footballing archives. I kicked things off this week with a look at a former Football League club. Stay tuned for more of that kind of thing.

I can also exclusively reveal we'll be getting a new look soon with new banners to adorn the top of the page. Stay tuned for that. I don't want to get your expectations too high, but they're going to be sensational.

We're always on the lookout for you to get involved, too. So if you want to get in touch then drop us an email at
soccerammw@gmail.com or poke us, or whatever folk do to one another, on that Twitter thing.

That especially goes for if you'd like to be interviewed for our Fan Files section. More of those to come during the season, too.

No reason to stop liking us then, eh?


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